New Year, New You

It’s that time of the year again when we make New Year’s resolutions and women, in general, usually include the way they look or feel in those resolutions or goals for 2017. It’s time to change for the better. Think of 2016. Was there something specific about your look that you want to change? Or, are you feeling in a fashion slump? What you wear has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. When you feel beautiful in your clothes your personality is beautiful. To help you look and feel your best in 2017, Boho Nation created the following looks:


Stay True to Form

In 2017, if you want your outfits to be formfitting try a fitted crop top with loose fitting boyfriend jeans.



To accessorize your form, try a cute dainty choker and a long bold necklace layered to compliment.




Become a Charmer

Fashion felines everywhere know that change is inevitable so why not have fun with it?  Why don’t you try to shock and awe? Give the grey days of January a surprise; throw on a faux fur vest or add some flair with a brightly colored wool bag. Channel your inner goddess and bring to the table something no one is expecting.


Boho Nation on February 9

Mix It Up

So everyone has a style; all black and one accent piece, a business type feel, colorful and bright, grunge and so many more. But why stick to only one? Mix it up every day wear something completely opposite than what you wore yesterday. Keep people on their toes; surprise them with your look. Go from grunge to business chic to colorful and bright. Every day is a new day so why not change it up?


2017 can be your year to look and feel your best yet. Join Boho Nation on February 9 and save 15% on your purchase.  Let’s break last year’s trends without breaking the bank. Walk into 2017 in style. Now you can post those cute pictures saying “New Year New Me” and actually mean it this time.









Date: 5/23/2017 8:39 AM EDT

Can you believe it? This weekend marks the unofficial start of Summer 2017. Let your spirit shine in the perfect outfits from Boho Nation. Whether you’re attending a barbeque or hosting one, you want to be confident with what you wear this Memorial Day Weekend. Check out these looks from Boho Nation. You’re bound to find one that totally fits your style.



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Date: 4/21/2017 8:33 AM EDT

Spring is in the air and our festival daydreams have begun! The music, the friends, the party, and among other things, the fashion! Festivals are one of the few places where you can truly express your bohemian self and let your wild streak shine. 

Festival Season allows for so much creative freedom! This year highlight your stride from stage to camp in a long flowing open wrap skirt or bold maxi dress. Windy festival grounds are perfect for long flowing goddess like pieces. Kimonos are other great flowy pieces that are super versatile and beautiful for festivals. 

Festival season also brings out the fringe like the holidays bring out the garland, the more the better! Fringe is so fun. It says "I'm here to party".  Make fringe the centerpiece of your outfit with an ornate backpack or bag that can easily spruce up a basic tee and jean shorts look. Our Kaleena back pack is sure to stand out with fringe that's almost floor length and stunning embroidery.

When it comes time to dance the night away you want to be comfy and stylish, try an organic cotton crop top in tye dye to top of your favorite shorts or skirt, or throw on a patterned mini dress with lots of layered fabric to compliment your dancing.

After the party ends, work out any kinks in a fun comfortable pair of patterned yoga pants and a strappy bralette that can be worn for a multitude of festival activities. Versatile pieces are always great to have so you don't have to bring as much in and out of the festival.

Go for bold dresses and unique accessories to top of versatile basics such as denim shorts and plain tees or tanks.

Boho Nation Loves Festivals!

For our Maryland babes, cruise down to the Woodlands of Dover Delaware to The Firefly Music Festival. With 4 days jam packed with unbeatable headliners like Bob Dylan, The Wknd, and Glass Animals.  Firefly is not to be missed! Make a statement in our Rosemary Crochet Halter and Sound of Spring Wrap Skirt.

Virginia Lovers; Head over to Lock'n Festival for some of music's funkiest names like The String Cheese Incident and Widespread panic. These jam bands are known for their long and lively sets, often playing more than one night. Be prepared to get down until the sun comes up in our Organic Cotton Sundown Tank complimented with a handmade antler necklace from Seeds Jewelry of Minnesota. 

Puerto Ricans have the life, really though. With music and dance happening pretty much anywhere at any given moment in beautiful Puerto Rico you always want to be ready for a good time in your favorite styles that can be worn all the time in this island climate. Bright white looks truly beautiful against the back drop of bright blue Caribbean waters in Puerto Rico. All of these looks are available in very limited quantities at Boho Nation. Stop by one of our boutiques today.

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Date: 3/21/2017 12:26 PM EDT

Boho Nation is a place where the free spirited bohemian woman can find a beautiful collection of clothing and accessories to accent her unique personality and styles. 

We are not a cookie cutter trend shop. We sell clothes that make the soul shine and allow you to fully express yourself. Whether you love bold pattern and color or a unique cut in softer tones, you are sure to find something that you can make your own.

From festival wear to everyday wearable work and play pieces we offer an eclectic treasure chest of styles sure to give some life to your wardrobe. We gather inspiration from the women around us and the world we live in with patterns and styles reminiscent of our rich, diverse, beautiful culture.Whenever possible, we source fair trade and sustainable fashions to keep your heart at ease. Boho is for anyone who is ready to step out of the box, stand out, and own their ability to look and feel like a goddess. 

Do what makes you happy!

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